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The Founder of Vediti Ayurveda (Mr. Aman Kumar) have inherited the knowledge of Ayurveda from their forefathers who had a great insight about the true essence and philosophy of Ayurveda blended with its practical usage. We have forged ahead the Ayurvedic knowledge of our ancestors, working diligently from the last 44 years in the Ayurveda sector integrating it with technology to treat various ailments. Additionally, it has been working relentlessly providing online health consultancy from last five years with an excellent track record and reputation.

We facilities the best ayurvedic medicines and treatment for all disease .The uniqueness of our ayurvedic treatment is the result oriented treatment it may takes time but it will definitely cure you from disease

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Our Ayurvedic Approach

The Sanskrit term “swastya” sums up the objective of Ayurvedic medicine. Swastya is a Sanskrit word that signifies “wellness.” A healthy person is in a condition of balance on all levels: physically, mentally, and emotionally. One of Ayurveda’s main ideas is the holistic approach.



All humans desire a healthy liver, properly functioning senses, low cholesterol levels, appropriate blood glucose levels, and so on. within the same way, one among Ayurveda’s goals is for us to be spiritually healthy. What exactly does this imply? It can talk over with a peaceful and picked up mind that’s not easily thrown off balance, also as a mind freed from fear, anger, and guilt.
Ayurveda, in conjunction with its sister science, yoga, which involves the practise of meditation, assists you in remaining physically and spiritually fit in the slightest degree times so as to measure a holistically healthy existence.

So this what does means ayurveda for world, or defination of ayurveda .Ayurveda beleives not in instant works but it is the process of time taking and result oriented treatment.

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