Can Ayurveda Completely Cure Piles And Hemorrhoides (Ayurvedic medicine for Hemorrhoids)?

Introduction  :

Ayurveda originated in India and now it is practiced worldwide. It is also practiced in the tradition of the Hindus. It is an alternative form of ayurvedic medicine for hemorrhoids therapy is mostly recognized in the western part of India. Ayurveda helps to deal with the symptoms of illness. It is known as natural holistic, which helps to understand the mind, spirit, and body. In Ayurveda , there are three types of doses: pitta , vatta, and kapha. Pitta  refers to fire, Vatta refers to air, and water refers to Kapha. Balancing each dose is the only goal pursued in Ayurveda. As it is possible to carry when diet, lifestyle, and modification elements are combined,

What are the piles? 

Hemorrhoids and piles are similar terms that consist of swollen veins that are found in the anus and rectum around the place. Some are internally placed and others externally.

Symptoms of piles

Itching around the anus or near your answer.

Bowel movement is so painful.

After bowl movement, the painful anus

Pain around the anus.

Stool leakage

At this point, you need to see a doctor to get a diagnosis. Many doctors use a variety of products to treat hemorrhoids, but such problems require extensive treatment .And this can be treated deeply in Ayurveda with the right ayurvedic medicine for hemorrhoids and with the right Ayurvedic treatment. 

Types of piles :

Hemorrhoids classified according to dosha:

An ayurvedic treatment for haemorrhoids will depend upon the type of haemorrhoids you are experiencing. So let’s understand the type of hemorrhoids. 

  • Inflamed, bleeding, hemorrhoids, soft and red with symptoms of fever, feelings of thirst and diarrhea, such people can be called pitta. 
  • High pain, black haemorrhoids with a rough and hard texture; those are the people experiencing vata. 
  • The problem is digestion; people with Kafa have skippy haemorrhoids that are white in colour and large in size.

Remedies for piles in Ayurveda: 

So hemorrhoids can be treated in various ways. Now let’s understand how it can be treated in an ayurvedic way. Ayurvedic medicine for hemorrhoids can give a holistic experience. In Ayurvedic treatment, your lifestyle may change. You may experience the herbal treatment and also change in the invasive procedure. Every ayurvedic doctor will first determine your type of dosa and study your health. Then the doctor will prefer to give treatment suggestions for you. But it is always recommended to discuss with the doctor about proper diagnosis, treatment, and approach. 

So let’s look at Ayurvedic medicine for hemorrhoids

  • Treatment (Bhaishajta chiktsa):

Minor or not so serious haemorrhoids can be treated with medicine, but severe haemorrhoids can only be treated with medication. If the haemorrhoids have become worse, then medication can be added to the treatment procedure.To prevent the formation of haemorrhoids or piles, your dose will be considered by the ayurvedic practitioner, as per the treatment procedure, your lifestyle may be changed or your diet life. As not always the medication is preferred, some times it might get neglected due to unsuitability. 

  • Kshare, or any herbal treatment:

Ksharr is an alkaline paste which is used to deal with hemorrhoids. It is a combination of a herbal blend and cantering action. As the kshare, an alkaline paste is used to cover haemorrhoids with the help of a specialised device known as a proctosscope . The paste affects chemically one of the hemorrhoids, as this may get open and start bleeding. The kshare treatment is the best ayurvedic treatment for hemorrhoids. Specific mediation to recover the haemorrhoids as per your body. The medication will be treated as per the dosa.But the drawback is that you might get allergic to the medicine, so first test the cream to see whether it suits you or not, and then prefer to take any medicine. With that, you should be ready for a change in your diet plan and lifestyle. 

  • Sasatra Chikitsa:

Kshara is a special treatment that is recommended by an ayurvedic specialist. Because it is a special thread of medication. Blood gets supplied to the vein when it is cut off, as it also allows the haemorrhoids to shrink for 10 days. This can cause shrivel and detachment.It is the treatment that will be considered when other treatments don’t work. A hemorrhoid patient’s treatment will be carried out as per the dosa as the treatment may come with a permanent change in diet plan, lifestyle, and excessive effort to put aside the haemorrhoids in the future. This procedure of treatment doesn’t carry any risk, and it is an invasive treatment. The one who is experiencing the infection. For such people, this treatment can be one of the most dangerous. Those who have a blood disorder or are on medication for their heart should treat the haemorrhoids by consulting a licenced healthcare doctor.

  • Agnikaran (Cauterization): 

Agnikarn treatment can be effective for those who are dealing with external haemorrhoids as it may cause some pain. Over the same number of weeks, such treatment may require five or six treatments at a time.It may cause pain or it may lead to infection. As it comes with a risk, before getting the treatment, talk with your doctor about the safer treatment.

So these three are the main ayurvedic treatments for piles or hemorrhoids. 

As you may find, every ayurvedic approach comes with a little bit of risk, so let’s discuss the risk factor during the ayurvedic treatment. Kshara paste and kshara sutra are the safest treatments in ayurveda, but ayurvedic treatment carries some risks such as infection, shock, leakage of stool, pain, bleeding etc. The morale of the storey is that dealing with haemorrhoids only needs careful, right treatment and too, from an intelligent ayurvedic practitioner. And when it is about intelligent ayurvedic practitioners, then the only name that comes to mind is Vediti Ayurveda. 

Vediti ayurveda carries the right treatment, the right product, and the right guidance to deal with hemorrhoids. To learn more, visit  Vediti Ayurveda Piles treatment without surgery

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